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AMUN 2008

Acabo de receber um e-mail da Equipe de organização do AMUN, importante modelo de simulação das Nações Unidas, solicitando a divulgação do evento.
Para quem se interessar, abaixo publico o texto do e-mail.
Abraços a todos!

Prezado Docente,
O Instituto de Relações Internacionais da Universidade de Brasília em parceria com a Organização das Nações Unidas promoverá entre os dias 21 e 25 de julho a décima primeira edição do Americas Model United Nations - AMUN, conferência que tem por objetivo reunir na capital do país uiversitários interessados em debater as principais questões da agenda internacional.
Desta forma, segue abaixo um comunicado que contém maiores informações sobre o evento para ser divulgado, caso possível, entre a comunidade de estudantes.
Contamos com sua colaboração para divulgação deste evento de grande valia para a formação da consciência de cidadania em nosso meio acadêmico.
Equipe AMUN 2008
The staff of Americas Model United Nations – AMUN gladly invites all university students with an interest in international relations, diplomacy, law, political science and economics to participate in this year's conference.

What is AMUN?

Back in 1998, AMUN was the first Model UN conference to be established in Brazil, hosted by the Universidade de Brasília. About four hundred undergraduate students and alumni from universities from all over the world gather in Brasília each year to attend the conference, in which each of them plays the role of a diplomat, representing his/her country's position on the committees' discussions. AMUN is supported by the Brazilian Government and by the main United Nations offices in Brazil – such as UNDP, UNESCO and the United Nations Association.

The venue

We are taking AMUN back to the premises of the Instituto Rio Branco – IRBr, Brazil's prestigious school of diplomacy operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will be a unique opportunity to know the place where some of you may be bound to study in the future.

Why participate?

This year, we reach two important milestones: besides celebrating ten years of the project, we have had an unprecedented number of registered foreign delegations so far – students from Argentina, Nigeria, France, United Kingdom and Guyana, from universities as prestigious as Cambridge and Sciences Po have already confirmed their presence.

Cultural activities and entertainment

Our administrative staff is committed to making the conference above all fun and culturally enriching. We have already partnered with Portugal's Embassy to Brazil, which will host our cultural party. Be sure to check out our schedule as we get closer to the conference date, since a lot more is currently in the works!

Cooperating for coexisting

We invite you to take part in what is shaping up to be one of the best editions of the event. This year's motto, "Cooperating for coexisting", has so far been a great source of inspiration for our staff. We hope this feeling will also inspire and motivate all delegates in the upcoming discussions.

For more information, check our website at Registrations are still open for a limited time period.

Camila Ramos Almeida
Secretária Administrativa
11º AMUN - Americas Model United Nations
+55 61 8143-4577


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